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LEE Kai Chung

LEE Kai Chung performs research on historical events, political systems, and ideology. His work addresses the lack of proper governance over the records and pending legislation for Archives Law. Through performance, documentation, and installation, Lee considers the individual gesture as a form of political and artistic transgression, which resonates with existing narratives of history.

Lee’s ongoing research project Archive of the People addresses the political standing of documents and archives in the social setting. In 2016, Lee established collective “Archive of the People”, which serves as an extension of his personal research to collaborative projects, education and publications.


在李氏的長期研究項目 “人人檔案”,他跟不同的政府機構展開對話與協商,以探討歷史檔案在社會政治架構上的狀況;他於2016年正式成立獨立團體「人人檔案」(Archive of the People),把歷史和檔案議題的創作延伸到合作企劃、教育與出版。

Michelle Lee Ho Wing

Michelle LEE Ho-wing obtained Bachelor of Fine Arts in the Chinese University of Hong Kong. Since then she has worked in the education sector and has been working as the content reviewer of the Teacher’s Resource Pack 2017, the content reviewer and contributor for M+ Rover 2018. In addition, she was invited to be the Pre-workshop educator for M+ Rover for 2016-2017 and 2017-2018, offering workshops to numerous secondary schools in Hong Kong. She is currently pursuing Master of Fine Arts degree in CUHK. Her practice encompasses the relationship between text and image through a variety of media.

She extracts significant lines from the vast sea of writings with keen perception, and further represents and rephrases the text in a specific context, which resonates with the original literature and social circumstances. Michelle’s work is characterized by her interest in triangular relationship between author, reader and text. Her current research is related to the utilization of archives and the order of books in the library.



Vicky Do

Vicky (or Vi, in Vietnamese), born in Saigon, is a media artist with the focus on both still and moving images. She uses art as a response along her life journey. Vicky works with stories and images as a form of historic preservation, archival, and investigation. She’s interested in the politics of urban planning, national territory and the their relationship with the human flow, aka, exodus. She considers herself as an activist, using videography to expose violence and absurdity; and using books as a tool for social-reconstruction. She’s been translating for a samizdat style publishing house based in Saigon, including monographs about Sino-Vietnamese relationship, Shooting an Elephant (George Orwell), Politics and English language (George Orwell), etc. Neither a communist nor an anarchist, but she can tolerate both of them to a certain extent.

Vicky now works as an independent researcher and curator in Saigon.


杜薇出生於西貢,她是一位專注於靜態和動態影像的媒體藝術家, 並透過藝術去回應生命。杜氏以故事和影像去探索、保存歷史和檔案。她關注城市規劃的政治性,國家領土及人口流動的關係,即是流亡問題。杜氏視自己為一個社會運動參與者,用錄像來展示暴力和荒謬,並透過書籍作為社會重建工具。她一直參與一個位於西貢的薩米茲達風格(秘密出版物)出版社的翻譯工作,其中包括中越關係著作,射象(佐治奧・威爾),政治與英語(佐治奧・威爾)等。杜氏並非共產主義者或無政府主義者,但在一定程度上可以容忍以上兩者。


Cheuk Wing Nam

Cheuk Wing Nam (as known as Chang May Wing Joy) is an interdisciplinary artist who devotes to develop her artwork with new concepts of mixing sound and other media with the modern computer technology. She joins Archive of the People in 2017. She is interested in Ethnography – Cultural Conflict (Chinese Exclusion) and Artist Search Engine.

卓穎嵐 (原名 張美穎) 是本地同時從事聲音雕塑、新媒體藝術創作和程式設計的跨媒體藝術家。畢業於香港浸會大學視覺藝術碩士課程,主修藝術創作與延伸媒體。擅長新媒體藝術裝置、聲音雕塑,尤其關注從光與影、聲音與空間之間進行創作及表演。 卓氐於2017年加入人人檔案,主力作文化衝突(排華)研究及藝術家搜尋器。