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每一個民主社會應該把歷史檔案納入公民自主的制度內。正因制度不公,檔案面臨的危機直接影響到公民生活,例如制定政策的透明度、學術自由等等。人人檔案希望通過藝術創作把檔案的議題及其引申出來的既定格值觀、主流歷史觀與政治論述進行公開討論:在認識論的層面上,人人檔案探索歷史檔案與文獻如何在公共領域內建構「過去」與「記憶」;另一方面,團體中的兩個字– 「人人」的意義是帶出普羅大眾作為編寫歷史、社會價值以及公共知識過程中的重要一員(例如香港歷史檔案館中的民間歷史檔案類別(HKMS)),往往被官方機構邊沿化以至被忽略﹔所以,人人檔案在歷史檔案工作基礎上延伸,構想一個有利於社會政治研究與創作的框架,繼而針對體制上的陋弊與提倡公眾討論。


About Archive of the People

Archive of the People (AOP) was an ongoing individual research and art project that addresses the governance on records, legislation of Archives Law and local politics, and now evolves to an artist collective in 2017.


While social disruption arouses calls for democratising archive, under the risk of decaying in records and shadow of absolute political regime, Archive of the People puts the established value, dominated historical and political narrative into question; at first, AOP engages Archive on epistemological level – the nature of records in social domain and how “past” and “memory” are constituted with various archival materials; on the other hand, “People” suggests an anonymous or semi-anonymous crowd, who are essential contributors of history, social value and knowledge but somehow being overlooked. The collective takes on a broader perspective on archival practice, to conceive a framework that facilitates social discourse, through socio-political research and creative means to challenge the homogeneity in multiple aspects.